Virtual Workshop

2022 Workshop Program

Our program is now available, so click this post to see all the great talks we have this year! If you would like to attend, email us for a Zoom link.

2022 Workshop Modality

For the last two years, our workshop has been run in a way that’s a little unusual, but one that the organizers think is conducive to discussion and to the format of virtual meeting rooms, so it might be worth describing: The workshop is a pre-read event, meaning that once a paper was accepted, weContinue reading “2022 Workshop Modality”

2022 Call For Papers

Here’s the Call for papers for the 2022 conference. Though the date has expired, it gives a good sense of what themes this conference is focused on, so take a look!

2021 Meet the Presenters!

We were so pleased with how well the conference went, and the excellent conversations both during and after the formal presentations. That was only possible because of the high quality of attendees and presenters. To keep that conversation going, here are short biographies for our presenters if you’d like to follow up with them aboutContinue reading “2021 Meet the Presenters!”


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